While visiting my 83 year-old father last week, I showed him a rough draft of this book. After reading my book, and with tears in his eyes, he excused himself from the room. A few moments later he returned with his very own letter from Santa, dated December 1, 1919. He went on to tell me how much that letter meant to him as a child and how he has kept it all these years. Although the envelope had deteriorated to nothing over time, he assured me that his letter from Santa would survive him. I can only dream that my letters have that kind of impact on the children that I have written to. My father has graciously allowed me to share with you his own letter from Santa. 

North Pole, Alaska
Dec. 1, 1919

Bennie McGuy,
My Dear little friend,

Your letter of Nov. 15-19 I received and am sorry I can not promise you an engine as the men are all on strike but the watch you will surely get.
I will try to come over again this year to see you if I am not too busy,
I was glad to hear that you are a good boy and such a good worker.
Be good and watch for me Dec. 25-19.

Your friend,