What Color is Santa?

A Special Collection of Letters to Santa


Bruce Mcguy

Illustrations by Patrick J. Sunseri
Copyright © March 1996 by Bruce McGuy – all rights reserved
First edition published by Home Run Publishing Company
ISBN : 0-9642311-2-3


To my father

Benjamin Charles McGuy

Born: 1911

Died: 1996

Who taught me a man’s name is only as good as his word.


It is not easy writing a thank you when I need to thank the thousands of wonderful people that have written telling me how my Christmas books have brightened up their Christmas. They let me know how my first book EVEN SANTA CRIES SOMETIMES opened up family discussion with their children, and that it gave them a greater understanding about love and sharing. They have made me feel as if I did something good for humanity. They let me know that EVEN SANTA LAUGHS SOMETIMES put a smile on their face and a chuckle in their heart. Most of all I want to thank all of my readers for sharing my books with their family and friends, and letting the retail stores know about my books.


It was the evening of December 20th about 7.30 PM. As my family and I were finishing up our dinner I heard little voices of excitement coming from the front of the house. This was not anything unusual because of the large Christmas display I put up each year for the children of our community. The house has about 32 thousand lights on the exterior. A large hand made sleigh with Rudolph leading all the other reindeer, sits on the center of the lawn. It is not uncommon for hundreds of visitors to drive by on any given night. On Friday through Sundays when Santa is visiting he will see any where from 200 to 400 children in an evening. What made this evening so different was the sound of so many children’s voices at one time. Usually this only happens when Santa visits. So I decided to take a peek out the front window. To my surprise there must have been 40 children lined up to see Santa, as patiently as one might expect of children to wait. I turned around and headed out front all the while trying to comprehend why these children were waiting in line to see Santa Claus. Tonight was only Wednesday. It still was a long way until Friday night.

The cars began lining up, and before I new it we had a parking lot. The drivers seeing the children waiting in line for Santa must have figured it to be a surprise visit by Santa, so they stopped their cars and abandoned them right there on the spot. As I walked among all the people I over heard a child ask what color is Santa Claus. What does he look like? What do his clothes feel like? I thought to my self, where has this child been all his life. Then I heard a little girl’s voice respond to the child’s question. Oh, his clothes are as soft as velvet, and his face is full of soft hair. He is so big that you cannot get your arms around him, and when he hugs you, you lose all your air. I recognized the little girl that was speaking of me. She comes every year to my house to visit and see Santa. She is blind. That’s when I realized that the other children in the front of the line were blind too.

I asked the little girl’s mother what was going on, once I located her. She seemed a little surprised to see me out of my suit. “Maggie told all the kids in her class that a great Santa comes to your house and all the children wanted to meet Maggie’s special Santa friend.” Then she realized by the expression on my face that Santa was not scheduled to be here tonight. She started to let the other parents know, but little Maggie over heard our conversation. She came up to me and asked if I would see to it that Santa got the special gift she and her class mates made to give to him tonight. That all it took to put me in tears. I had brought out side with me the portable phone. I quieted all the children and told them that I have a direct line to Santa Claus. If they all would be extra quiet I would call him and see if he could make a special trip for Maggie and her friends. It became so quit you could hear the moon rotating. With all the children watching I placed my call to the North Pole.

“Is Santa Claus in,” I asked? “He is,” I said. “Can I talk with him,” I asked? “Tell him his very good friend Bruce is calling.” Then I turned to the children and said, “They are going to get Santa.” The excitement on the children’s faces is something that I will never be able to describe. “Santa, little Maggie is here at my house with all her friends from school. Can you make a special trip to see them,” I asked. “You can!” I announced loudly. The children went wild when I explained that it will take him about fifteen to twenty minutes to get here.

I went inside the house trying to figure out how to tell my wife that she lost me to Santa, and that I would not be going out Christmas shopping with her again tonight. When she saw my big puppy dog face she let me know that’s why she married me. “Go ahead,” she said “and give the children something to remember.” I did just that. I was at my best in my red suit that night. The children did not want to leave me, and I did not want them to leave either. You could feel the sorrows in our good-byes, and a loneliness in my heart. Once again the children gave me something to remember for a life time. It’s a feeling that only children can bring to you.


Dear Santa,

My Name is Alice. I’m 9 years old. My mom is disabled and has little money. 
My dad lives far away. My dad is black and Mom is white so my grandmother will not help us. She does not let me come over to her house. There is only two things I want for Christmas. I would like my mother to walk and to get to go to Grandma’s house for Christmas. And to see my daddy sometimes, that’s three things.

Love, Alice
No return address

Dear Santa,

What I would like for Christmas is for my best friend to come over to my house and spend the night. So if you could grant me one wish it would be to make Lynn white, that way Mom will let her come over to visit me at my house. Lynn is black. That’s all I would like this year.

I still believe in you. Your friend,


Dear Gina,

You are old enough to know that Santa does not have the power to change people from one color to another. Even if I could, I would not change Lynn to white because I believe she is a wonderful person and has a good heart just as she is. I must say, if I did have the power to change people, I would change your mom to a black person. Perhaps then she could see it is not the color of your skin that makes you who you are. I will pray for you and your mother that you will have a wonderful friend in Lynn and that your mother will see Lynn from her heart and not from her eyes.

Love, Santa


Dear Santa,

I know you are very busy, but if you could find a little time would you please reply (as Santa) to my three children? One letter is all I’m asking for, just an acknowledgment. Our financial situation is drastically different this year, and I’m sure one of your wonderful letters will help us have a happy holiday.

Thank you, Tracy
P.S. I was not able to get any thing for them for Christmas. Please do not make any promises.

Dear Tracy,

Enclosed you will find letters to each of your children from Santa Claus. You will also find a check from Santa Claus. I am sending you a check instead of toys because I believe at this time you know better than Santa what the children need.

Love, Santa


Dear Santa,

Santa, will you bring me a black baby Jesus? My grandma has one from when she was a little girl. Grandma says they don’t make them anymore. I want one. Please bring me one. And a black Santa doll too. 

Merry Christmas, Kisha

Dear Kisha,

I will do my best to bring you the special presents you have asked for. With Christmas being only two days away I cannot guarantee I will be able to get them to you this year. I am sure your grandmother will be more than happy to share her special baby Jesus with you. I am sure she would like to spend that special time with you too. Kisha, maybe your grandmother could tell you the story of how she received her baby Jesus. She probably has many wonderful stories to tell if you take the time to talk to her about them. If you hear any good ones, let me know.

Love, Santa

Dear Santa,

Does it matter to you what color the kids are when you bring them presents? I only want two things for Christmas. A TV set and a CD player.

Happy Holidays, Janet

Dear Janet,

It is nice to here from you again this year. Since all you want is a 19 inch TV and a CD player this Christmas, there is a pretty good chance you will receive one of the two presents you have asked for. As for whether it matters to Santa what color a child is, No! Santa is color blind, I guess you might say, I would not have it any other way.

Love, Santa


Dear Santa,

My mom won’t buy me any baggy pants to wear to school. She thinks I am trying to mix in with a gang of Mexican kids at my school and will get in to trouble. All the kids are wearing them. What do you think?

Rubie, age 12

Dear Rubie,

Santa does not usually give advice about what type of clothes a person should or should not wear. Yet I have been receiving hundreds of letters lately asking me for advice. I guess its time for me to start a “Just Ask Santa” column, so I will make your letter the first. My advice to you is to try to compromise with your mother. Its not easy always doing what your mother wants you to do. Many gang members wear baggy pants and certain colors to identify themselves. Talk with your mom, I’m sure she has a good reason for not wanting you to wear baggy pants. Your mom is just looking after your best interest. Thanks for asking.

Love, Santa

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas list. Please pick below from my list.

1. Crafts 2. Doctor Dreadful Food Lab 3. My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Booker to come back and teach me. 4. Makeup
My friend said you don’t have any black elves because you don’t like black people, how come? Santa, please write back.

Sincerely, Cynthia

Dear Cynthia,

I will see what I can do for you from your list of presents. As for your teacher, Mrs. Booker, there is not any thing I can do about that. I am sure Mrs. Booker knows how much she is missed, and probably thinks of all of you in the same way. Cynthia, there is something you can do for Santa Claus. That is to let your friend know that Santa has lots of friends and elves of all races. They help me here at the North Pole. I do not remember your friend coming and visiting me at the North Pole. How can she say something like that about Santa? That’s how rumors start, and before you know it someone’s feelings are hurt. My feelings have been hurt by what your friend said about me. Tell your friends to be careful what they say about people they do not know.

Love, Santa


Dear Santa,

My Mommy is writing this since I am only 3 years old. I have been a good boy. Please bring me:

1. Trucks 2. Cars 3. Presents 4. Punching bag 5. A money bank with plenty of green stuff 6. A brown dog 7. One toy 8. Lego Maniac

Love, John Osorio

Dear John,

As I was going through my letters, I found this letter you gave me, and it brought back an overwhelming amount of memories. I feel its time to write to you again. I know you are ten years old now. It has been many years since I have seen you. I miss your smiling face. You will always be my very little buddy. When you and your Mommy and brother lived with Mrs. Claus and me here at the North Pole, we sure had a wonderful time together. As the years have passed by, my thoughts of you are as fresh as if you were still here with us. I want you to know that whereever you travel, we will always be thinking of you. Know that Mrs. Claus and I will always love you and your family.

Love, Santa and Mrs. Claus

Dear Santa,

I am 8 years old and I have a dad. My mom got sick and passed on 3 years ago. My dad don’t know what to get for me. He has a lot of trouble trying to find me something. He wants to go to work and no one wants him cause he’s black. My wish is for a Hollywood Barbie and a Doodle Bear. And a job for my dad.

Love, Teresa

Dear Teresa,

I want you to know that I will make sure you get your Barbie doll and Doodle Bear for Christmas this year. Please tell your dad to let me know if you have to move before Christmas so I do not break my word to you. I believe your father will find work as long as he never gives up hope.

With all my love, Santa


Dear Santa Claus,

My husband and I have a beautiful one year old daughter. She had her picture taken with Santa at the mall. Would you please send her her first letter from Santa. It will go into one of her baby books.

Mary and baby Patty
P.S. Patty lost her doll. Will you bring her a new one.


Dear Patty,

You and I looked so cute together. Somehow, a new baby doll seems like the perfect gift for you. It’s easy to see why your mom and dad love you so much and are so very proud of you. As you grow Patty, Santa wants you to know that the choices you make in your life ahead will sometimes seem very difficult. Make them wisely and always take with you a heart full of love that is ready to reach out to those who need an unexpected gift. We are all brothers and sisters in this world, and if we continually remember that, we can each bring about a greater meaning to Peace On Earth.

Merry Christmas

Love, Santa 

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Jiuka. I live in the Ceska Republika and want to know how come you can have so many people around the world like you and not hate you. Please send me a post card.



Dear Jiuka,

I do not know for a fact that everyone around the world likes me. I only know that I do not hate anyone. I am just like everyone else. I just want to be loved for who I am and not for the color of my suit. I am looking forward to visiting your house soon.

Love, Santa



Dear Santa,

My wife and I are in need of knowing some of the names of your elves. So other than the ones everybody already knows, can you share a few more names with us. That is, if you really are Santa Claus. It’s for a 3rd grade class project.

Thanks, John & Lynn


Dear John and Lynn,

I do not usually give out the names of my elves because they like to live private lives. I told them you are in need of a list of names for your class project so they said it would be OK this time. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings, they are not in any special order.
Anson, Alea, Alta, Atoka, Alma, Alra, Enid, Evart, Ewa, Elba, Elkin, Caro, Coweta, Cuero, Conroe, Camrs, Hugo, Jay, Konawa, Nowata, Okemah, Ponca, Taloga, Wewoka, Laie, Neah, Omak, Pasco, Tekus, Tomah, Oro, Bee, Star, Rud, Moonglo, Big Toe, Slim, Shorty, Happy, Dizzy, Hana, Malli, Rose, Pansy, Daisy.
I hope that is enough for now. In all the letters I have received, no one has asked me about the names of my back-up reindeer, and how many times I have had to use them over the years.

Love, Santa

Dear Santa Claus,

Hello, how are you? Fine I hope. As for me, I am hanging in there. I know that Christmas is all about Jesus and people caring and loving each other. I am not able to afford for my son much of anything for Christmas again this year. Last year I bought a few things from the 98 cent store. We could not afford a tree last year or again this year. My boy has not had much of a Christmas in the past 3 years. Would you please send my boy something for Christmas? He comes to me with toy ads from the newspaper and points out toys I can’t afford. I feel bad, can you please help in some small way? 


P.S. My boy has not seen or gotten anything from his dad in over three years. Not for his birthday or Christmas.


Dear Denise,

Enclosed you will find a check to help you and your son this Christmas. I want you to know that I am not the only one giving you this money. The money comes from the many kind people that buy my Christmas books. Remember to use the check wisely for it comes from the hearts of thousands.

Love, Santa



Dear Santa,

I am writing you this letter for my two and four year olds, Mary and Mark. What they would like to know is why they cannot find a black Santa’s helper at the malls in our town?

Don’t forget Mary wants a two-wheeler and a doll. Mark would like a few learning toys. He getting ready for his first day of day care after Christmas and wants to be ready.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Mary, Mark and Tom


Dear Mary and Mark,

Santa will not forget to bring you your two-wheeler and learning toys. As for your dilemma about finding a Santa’s helper; try to remember that the color should not be what matters as much as the person behind the whiskers and the love he shows your child. I would like to see Santas of all colors for all our children to visit. Perhaps then they would see that it does not matter what color Santa is, it’s what in the heart and spirit that counts.

Love, Santa

Dear Santa,

My name is Mick. I am 9 years old and would like a puppy for Christmas. My daddy said I can only have one if it is white. He don’t like anything black.

Love, Mick


Dear Mick,

Santa does not understand why you can only have a white puppy. It just so happens that I have lots of wonderful puppies of all different colors here at the North Pole. I hope as you grow up you will take the time to see that all puppies are in need of someone to love them and hold them, no matter what their color is.

Love, Santa



Dear Santa,

I read about you in the paper how you help people not just with toys. I will be thirteen this year and have a problem. I can’t talk to anyone about it so I am writing you for help. Last year my mom married a black man. He is very nice to me, but my problem is some of the kids at school make jokes about him and my mom. I have told my mom and she said just don’t listen to them. She is not the one that has to go to school every day. What can I do?

Love, Black or White


Dear Black or White,

If your dad were white and missing his legs the children that are making fun of your black stepfather would also be the ones to make fun of your white father, even if your white father lost his legs defending your great country that guarantees them the freedom of speech. If someone treats you with love, then show love back. If someone shows you hate then turn your back and walk away, knowing that they are afraid of what they do not understand. I will side with love and understanding over hate anytime, whether black or white.

Love, Santa Claus
P.S. Keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

Dear Santa,

Please do not bring any more television sets to my house. There is too much killing on the TV. My little brother watches the Power Rangers every day and when he gets mad he plays the part of his favorite Ranger and starts kicking everyone in the room. He gets in trouble, but that won’t stop him because he says he’s a Power Ranger. I am studying about Hitler in school. I can see first hand how easy it is for the environment you live in to influence you into something that’s not right. Mom thinks it cute. When he’s in high school, how is he going to react when he gets mad at his friends? Turn into his Power Ranger friend and beat them up? I don’t like TV. Everyone is always hurting someone. Santa, I have seen you on the news and read about you in the paper. I even met you at a book signing in Livermore. Can you tell everyone that they need to stop hurting people even if they are only pretending? Little kids don’t know the difference, and my brother needs help. You can bring lots of good books to read, including your new one. Your Even Santa Cries book made me cry. I liked it a lot. Maybe I will meet you again.

Love, Tonie


Dear Tonie,

The timing of your letter is incredible. Just six weeks ago Santa removed all the TV’s from his house and workshops. It’s true. My older elves were doing poorly in school and the baby elf of 19 months already new how to use the VCR and TV by herself. She would get up in the morning and get her favorite tape out of the cabinet and turn on the VCR and TV and start flipping through the channels until she got the right one. It took twenty years for me to learn how to use the VCR. Life is better here at the North Pole without a TV. It would take me page after page to explain the wonderful difference it has made. Will I plug them back in later? I will have to wait and see. For now, the elves’ grades have improved greatly. We talk to each other now instead of yelling at each other in passing. These past six weeks have been the hardest on the baby. Now in the mornings she brings us a book to read to her, and when we are done she runs back for another, and another. What Santa learned from this is that nothing in this world can replace the time we need to spend with our little elves.

Love, Santa



Dear Father Christmas,

How are you? I have been a good girl this year. I have had over fifteen boy friends this year. That seems like a lot, don’t you think? I just like boys I guess. It’s neat to learn new things about people. I have your letter from 1991’s Christmas, and still read it all the time. I carry it with me in case I need to remind myself that when I start to get too serious with a boy it’s OK to say NO. Even to this day, I will show your letter to my boy friends when they try to get me alone for that special moment they’re looking for. You are right, the more I say no, the more the boys pursue me. The girls that are my friends that “do it” all the time, never have boys chasing them. What you said has been true. I will keep your letter with me, but only until I am married. Then I will put it away for my children to use.

Love, Tiffany

Dear Tiffany,

I am so happy for you. You have made my Christmas very special this year. If I were your father, I would be so proud of you that I would let the world know it. Maybe you would not want me to be your father after all. I only wish that others will learn to wait before it’s to late for them. The hardest thing I have to do is watch young children die from AIDS. It kills me inside when a sixteen year old and her baby visit and they both have contracted AIDS.

All my love, Santa

Dear Santa,

I am sorry that I have been bad. I would be happy if you can bring me some Barbies and a playhouse and some game gear and a place to play and a real gun for my brother. Come in the morning so no one shoots you.

Love, Kyle


Dear Kyle,

Thank you for your letter. I will see what I can do for you this Christmas. I can see by where you live that it is not a very safe place for you to play. Santa does not own, or make any guns here at the North Pole. So many of the children I knew are no longer on my list because of guns and gangs. I wish Santa had the answer to these problems. I only hope that one day people will learn to trade hugs for bullets. I will do my best to teach them that, and maybe someday you can help Santa.

Love, Santa




We first met when I was just three,
An elf lifted me upon your knee.
I remember whispering in you ear,
Santa I’m certainly glad you’re here.

Every December, I’d see you again,
I knew you were a special friend.
I had lots of questions, you were so kind,
I expressed my concerns, you didn’t mind.

How heavy are toys in a sack?

Want me to leave a midnight snack?
Maybe not cookies, carrots instead,
So all of the reindeer can be fed.

How far away is the north Pole?
Who gets stockings full of coal?
Is Rudolph’s nose really bright red?
Isn’t 8:30 too early for bed?

Is it a sin to suck your thumb?
How ‘bout calling your sister dumb?
What ‘bout the times I wet the bed?
Trade the dog for a pony instead.

There isn’t a chimney in our house,
How do you stir a little mouse?
Is St. Nick another name for you?
Have you met God and Jesus, too?
“Santa ain’t real” said kids at school,
“He’s only pretend, you silly fool.”
It didn’t matter what they’d say,
I believed in you, all the way.

Starting quite young, for many years,
I took the teasing, taunting jeers.
I stood my ground, acting unafraid,
Got a black eye in the second grade.

To spare myself I might have lied,
But for a little voice deep inside.
Denying you meant betraying me,
Certainly not my cup of tea.

Saw you last week at Macy’s store,
Kids lined up outside the door.
A little blond girl upon your knee,
Kinda looked a little like me.

Santa so gentle, ageless and wise,
Caring and jovial with sparkling eyes.
Remembering you still brings a smile,
Your kinda love is always in style.

All my love, Susan Caldwell


Dear Santa,

I stuck in Japan, come get me. The Santa on base looks funny to me. I think he is a spy. He is small and looks like a fake. He Ho Ho funny. I am trapped, food no good. Send Rudolph soon. I want to go home to the USA. 

HELP, Rick

Dear Rick,

I do not know whether to laugh or call in the FBI. I have enjoyed your letter though. It’s so nice to here from a bright child as yourself. I am surprised you did not write in your letter that you pulled off Santa’s beard to see if he was a spy. You just seem to be that kind of wonderful child. I do not think I will be able to help you with your problem this time. I have an agreement with the government that I will not pick-up children and take them to other countries or take government secrets. If I violate this agreement then they might try to shoot Santa out of the sky, and all I could do is drop presents on their heads. Thank you and your class for writing to me.

Love, Santa

Dear Mr. Santa Claus,

My name is John and I am 11 years old. I enjoy coming to your house and seeing all the lights. My family comes with me and also enjoys it. I like it most when Santa is out visiting. I like watching, and having friends that like Christmas. I am Jewish, and wonder if you know any thing about my people. If you do not that’s OK. I still like you and will keep coming to visit. Please write back to me.

Your friend, John

Dear John,

Some 12% of all Nobel Prize winners are Jewish. With no more than ½% of all the people on this earth being Jewish, that is truly a great feat. The Jewish people go back some 4000 years. Albert Einstein, the Mathematician was Jewish, also Sigmund Freud. Through the ages, the Jews successfully introduced such concepts as prayer, church, redemption, universal education, and did so hundreds of years before the rest of the world was ready to accept them. The Jewish people survived three thousand years without a country of their own and yet preserved their ethnic identity among alien cultures. Jewish people are of strong minds and strong beliefs. I know there is no other way they could have survived. Albert Einstein said, “A person first starts to live when he can live outside of himself.” In other words, when he has as much regard for other people as he does for himself. That’s how Santa lives his life. How about you?

Love, Santa 


Dear Santa,

I really do not want anything for Christmas. If you are really Santa Claus could you please give the kids that have dads in prison a special hug when you visit them? My dad is in prison, and I know how much I miss him. The one thing I want most of all is for everyone to be happy. I know this is not much for my Christmas list this year, so sorry.

PS Whatever anyone gets me will be special, even if it is only a Merry Christmas.

Love, Beth

Dear Beth,

I am glad you reminded me that not all children have their dads around to talk to or to hold them. Christmas is a very special time of year when all families come together and spend time with each other. I always do my best to give those children that are missing a parent an extra special hug with words of encouragement. It warms my heart that you care about others more than yourself, it shows that you to are just like Santa. Love is more important than presents. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love, Santa

Dear Santa,

I wish I could live in your house because you give me lots of presents. I also wish for me to move back home soon. Will you be able to find me in Germany? I miss all my friends. How are they? Do they miss me? Mom said we won’t have a house to move back into because the renters are destroying it. Santas here look different than you. Maybe because they aren’t you for real. What I want for Christmas is: one billion dollars in the bank, so I can buy Mommy a new house and give Daddy some more money. Mommy says the government spends it all and only gives Daddy the pennies, and they are worthless. Maybe you could tell them to send us some real money. 

Love, Kathleen

Dear Kathleen,

You will be receiving this letter after Christmas because the mail took so long to get to me. By now you already know what you got for Christmas. Your friends miss you too. Try writing to them as you did Santa, I think they will like that. As for the money, I stopped giving cash away because the government needed my printing press to keep up with what they needed to print for themselves. By the way, one of the things on the government’s Christmas list was another printing press from Santa. I left them a toy press as a joke, but it looks as if they are using it. Just look at the new hundred dollar bills. See you soon.

Love, Santa


Dear Mr. Claus,

My students and I do not have access to the Internet at the moment, but the children are into “SANTA CLAUS”. I have enclosed their letters and hope you will have time to respond. Thank you for your time. We are located in Yokosuka, Japan.

(I received all of the letters eight days after Christmas and was not able to respond as I would have liked. I sent a letter to the teacher explaining what happened. I received 120 letters from this school. I thought it might be interesting to share some of the letters with you.) 

Dear Santa,

How come you have funny looking eyes? Can you bring me Power Rangers please and Christmas stuff to put on my door, and all that stuff. 

Your friend,

T K 


Dear Santa,

I would like to visit America. I would like to meet you. I would like a big red car and a train set. I would like a teddy bear and some trucks. I would like a robot and a real rabbit. How big are you? Does anybody ever meet you?  

Thank you, K A

Dear Santa,

How old are you Santa? Did you go to school? Do you know your ABC’s? Do you have elves? How fat are you? Do you have a little red hen? My brother says you’re fat because you don’t work but one day a year. You must be rich! 



Dear Mr. Claus, 

I am fourteen years old this month but I guess you already knew that. What I want to do is thank you for taking the blame for my dad a few years ago. When I was eight years old I wanted a black doll. My mother thought that was ridiculous and told me Santa would never bring one to a white child for Christmas. I remember running to my room and crying about it until my dad came in to talk to me. He told me it could not hurt to ask you for one and to make sure to tell you just how much I will love my doll and take care of her. I remember praying each night that you would bring me the doll. On Christmas Morning, under the tree, was a special present that said “just for little Shelly” from Santa Claus. Yes, I got my doll, and you caught heck from my mom. Well I still have my doll and many more. Mom still thinks just because I love my black dolls I will marry a black person. Thank you for taking the blame for dad, and writing back to me.

Love, Shelly

Dear Shelly,

What a wonderful story you shared with me. I am so happy that you still have your doll. Do you remember what your wrote to Santa six years ago? I do. I still have your letter. I will mail you a copy for you to save and to show to your children someday. I save every letter sent to me for times just like this.

I love you very much,
Santa Claus

Dear Santa,

I want a black doll. It can be any color as long as it is black. I will love my baby doll and give her a bath every night even when I don’t take one. Daddy says you can bring me one just don’t ask Mommy. That’s all I want. You can bring my baby some big toys to share with me if you would like.

Love, Shelly

Dear Shelly,

I am sure your baby doll will need some toys you both can play with. As for your doll being black, I do have many wonderful black dolls here at the North Pole. I will have to ask them which one would like you to be their mommy. Remember that no matter what color doll you might get, they all have one thing in common: they all need love and understanding.

Love, Santa


Dear Santa,

Why is my family poor? Why do others have the things my family doesn’t? Why do others make me feel that I am worthless because we don’t have much? My dad gets my shoes for school from the back of shoe stores. The church we go to helps with my clothes, they are nice but always used. My friend’s parents look at me as if I don’t belong anywhere. I hear them say don’t leave her alone in the house. Both my mom and dad work at a restaurant and I have to baby-sit for my three brothers and one sister every night. I am thirteen and want to run away, but I have nowhere to go. I turned in the cans I collected to buy your books at Longs Drug store. I feel better after reading them. They make me laugh and cry. They let me know that I am not alone. I want to go to college someday. My mom says that if I dream about it, it could happen. If that’s true then why are we poor? Why don’t Mom and Dad dream of being rich, and why are we not living in a big house? I want to work but Dad says it would cost too much to hire a sitter for the family. The people at Longs Drug store are very nice to me and someday maybe I can get a job from them. Do you know anyone there? I am writing to you because I have to believe in something. Will you have any more books soon? I will save the cans I find for your next book if you have one. Have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Cindy 

P.S. Please do not write back I do not want Mom and Dad to know how I feel. 

Dear Cindy,

I had to write back to you because I too have felt a lot of what your feeling from time to time. I too want you to go to college, so enclosed is a Santa check for one hundred dollars to start the college fund you will need. You’re right about one thing, and that is the people at Longs Drugs are wonderful. The check enclosed is from Longs and myself. Get good grades and when you are ready I will do my best to help you find a job if you are still in need of help. Do not lose my address. I am counting on hearing from you when you are ready. I will always do my best to be here for you.

Love always, Your very own special SANTA.


Dear Santa,

Bess wrote you the letter that’s enclosed. I read her letter to you and thought you should know Bess has really missed her father. I wish he could see the pain in her eyes every night when she asks if he has called for her, waiting day after day to see him. Bess’ father has started a new life. He has remarried and has a newborn baby. I think that’s wonderful and wish them the best, only what about his little girl waiting here for him each night? 


Dear Santa,

My name is Bess. I will be 7½ years old. Please bring me my daddy to see. And some new clothes for my mommy. My dog Bozo wants toys. And toys for my friends at school.

Love, Bess

Dear Bess,

Thank you for your letter. I see you want toys for your friends and clothes for your mom. I will do what I can for you. If I should see your father I will tell him that he has a wonderful little girl waiting patiently for him to visit. I wish I could do more for you and your mom.

With all my love, Santa 


Dear Santa Claus,

I am 11 years old and really like Christmas and coming to your house. Do you have the ‘Santa Clause’ movie? I have it. You are a much better Santa Claus. Did you watch it? Do you have as much money as ‘Tim’ the Santa? Do you have any wishes? Will you bring me a TV set this year? We are coming over to see you on Saturday night. I can’t wait until then, can you? My baby brother is coming too for the first time. I will tell him you’re the best Santa in the world. This is my 9th year visiting you. Mom has the pictures of you and me from all the other years. I have saved all the letters you wrote to me, thanks. Bye for now.


Dear Kim,

It makes me feel good inside to know that you feel I am a better Santa than Tim. I thought Tim, the actor, played a very nice Santa. No, I do not have a copy of his movie. Tim never sent one to me. I have seen it though. A good friend brought it over for me to watch. I liked it and would probably watch it again if I owned a copy. Do I have as much money as Tim? No, the printing company that prints my books takes most of it and the rest I give to children in need. What does Santa wish for? I am already living my dream doing what I do. I too have saved all the letters you sent me. I will do my best on your TV set request.

See you Saturday night.

Love always, Santa


Dear Santa,

I just found out about you yesterday when I read your book Even Santa Cries Sometimes in the middle of Longs Drugs Store. My mom wouldn’t let me buy it though. We have little money. I am 14 years old and to be honest I don’t really believe in you. I usually do not go for this kind of stuff. I guess something about you and your books appealed to me. 
This Christmas I only want a few things. I would like scuba diving lessons. I want them so much. Also for Christmas, I want my dad to like me. My dad works a lot, but what really annoys me is that even when he is home all he does is sit in front of his stupid computer. He won’t even let me watch him on the computer, but he lets my younger brother. All I want for Christmas is for my dad to love me, and to not call me bad names all the time. I want him to make the time to spend time with me. It hurts when all he ever tells me to do is shut up and go away. It really hurts when he calls me all the bad names he does. A couple of weeks ago I tried to run away. I climbed out my window and hung around the store for a while. I don’t know what to do. I know that you probably can’t help me with any of this, but maybe if you want to, I would like to get a copy of your books. Thank you for at least listening. I love you, Santa. Have a really good Christmas. 
Luv Ya,

No Return Address




Dear Santa Claus,

I looking for my grandfather in the United States of America. I came from my home in Vietnam. I live with Father and Mother. I school here. I met Santa once in my home country of Vietnam. I see you on TV news and got address to write you. I twelve now. My father never know his father, he says he leave after he born. He was a soldier in the U. S. Army. My grandfather name is ———–. Do you know him? We look for him, can’t find him. I want to know my grandfather. Help please.


Dear Vui,

Thank you for your letter to Santa. I know a number of people with the same last name but none with the first name. I have received a number of letters over the last few years from grandchildren and children looking for someone as you are. Having children is a big responsibility and many of the U. S. Soldiers in Vietnam were old enough to fight but not old enough to be like responsible parents. If you ever find him he would truly be a lucky grandfather to have someone like you for a grandchild.

Best of luck, Santa

(Note, I removed the grandfather’s name so the many people with the same name wouldn’t get in trouble with their wives and families.)




Dear Santa,

Last year I brought my family by your house for Christmas. You had just finished with the other children as mine came up to see you. You were very kind to us by taking the extra time to visit with them. My mother had passed away just days before. I was lost in both mind and spirit. As I look back now, a year later, somehow you must have sensed that my life was in disarray. I don’t know how you knew, but your conversation with me has changed my life in a way I never thought was possible. The things you told me then did not make much sense at the time, but became clear later. I have been able to face the death of my mother and receive strength from her even though she physically is no longer here. You taught me how, and for that I will always be grateful. I believe that you are the Santa from Heaven. 


No Return Address


Dear Mr. Claus,

My children are of mixed race. I don’t know how else to put it to you. My two children are 6 and 9 years old. My husband and I have never taught them about racism. My oldest boy Mark is picking it up at school and seems to be handling it well. My youngest plays with only his black friends. This is becoming a problem. They are both of fair skin. 
When we visit Santa, Mark has no problem telling him what he wants for Christmas. Ryan, the younger one, won’t go near a white Santa. We tried to find a non-white Santa but have had no luck. A few weeks ago while driving by your Christmas house Ryan told us that it was Santa’s house. We saw the sign that gave Santa’s hours so we planned a return visit that Friday. 
When we came back to your house that night some 20 children were already in line and my husband commented “If God’s smiling on us then this Santa will be non-white.” When you came out my husband’s mouth must have dropped to the ground, here came what looked to be a six and a half foot tall, 300 pound, all white Santa. Ryan took one look and two steps back and hid behind his father’s legs. As you were walking towards us we could see the fear in Ryan’s eyes. All of the sudden you stopped and crouched down in front of Ryan. With Ryan still hiding behind his father you handed him a candy cane and took him by the hand and started walking away. Ryan looked back at us, and we didn’t know what to think. 

I don’t know if you remember Ryan, but you showed him the train under the Christmas tree and the reindeer on the lawn, along with baby Jesus and Mary.We couldn’t believe our eyes when Ryan sat on you lap and started talking to you. On the way home my husband asked Ryan if you were the real Santa Claus. Ryan’s reply was, “YES.” When his father asked him about your color, Ryan explained that is a secret between you and Ryan. Ryan has started playing with the other children in his class, and not just his black friends. It seems you were able to put a stop to a problem that could have affected our family for a long time to come. We want to thank you for that. Ryan can’t wait to visit you again. I hope you will remember him. 

PS We picked up copies of your books at Longs and now that we have read them, We too believe you are Santa Claus.

The Hodge Family 




Dear Santa,
Last night April and I came to visit you at your house. I explained to you then that April has AIDS. I want you to know how happy you made her feel to be held by you, “Santa”; the real Santa that showed her love and understanding. Many of the other Santas will not hold her. They keep her at a distance and she does not understand why the other children get to sit on his lap. Because of her illness I feel its only right to inform them of April’s condition in all fairness. If you could would you write April a letter reminding her of her visit with you so she will have something to look forward to, and to remember the time you shared together. 

Love, April and Mom

Dear little April,

I was so happy to hold you in my arms the other evening when you and your mother came to visit me. I watched you so patiently waiting in that long line of children to see me. Your beautiful eyes kept peeking around the other children to catch a glimpse of me in my red suit. The closer you got, the brighter your eyes became. When you were only steps away you cried out “Santa, my Santa.” You gave me a mighty crunch around my shoulders with your two tiny arms. With a true sense of love in your voice you spoke words of joy and excitement for all the presents you wanted me to bring to you and your family. Do you remember holding on to me and staring into my eyes while laughing the evening away? It truly was a very magical time.

With all my love, Santa Claus 

Dear Santa,

Do you believe in God, and if you do, why? Do you think others should even if you don’t? Do you believe in angels, spirits, and ghosts, if so, have you ever seen one? Do you think that there is life after death, and if so, why? If this is a question you don’t want to answer you don’t have to. I will understand.

Jackie, age 14


Dear Jackie,

I will do my best to answer your questions. It does not bother me to discuss what you want to know. I will give you a short answer to each question, that is the best I can do for you. Do I believe in God? Yes. Why do I believe in God? I know God exists. Do I think others should believe in God? It is up to each person to find God if they are in need of him. Do I believe in angels, spirits, and ghosts? Yes, yes, yes. Have I ever seen one? Yes, more than once, but I will not go in to any further detail than that. Do I think there is life after death? I know there is something, because I have seen glimpse of what you refer to as live after death.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and remember we all love you.




Dear Santa Claus,

I am writing to say thank you for the check you sent to our family for Christmas. My daughter had written you a letter and you sent our family the check. I would like to say thanks very much. We used the money to go to Tucson, Arizona to visit my family I hadn’t seen in 11 years. It was a nice drive and it was the best Christmas we ever had because I was able to see my family again. They’ve never seen six of my kids. Seeing my mother was best of all. My daughter told me to let you know that she has been receiving A’s in school because she took your advice. I really appreciate what you did for our family. God bless you, and you will always be in our hearts.

The Whit Family
No Return Address

Dear Mr. McGuy/ Santa Claus,

I do not know how we have been able to keep you a secret from the rest of the world as long as we have. Maybe we have been a little selfish. I can see by the media you have been getting that your time has come for the rest of the world to know that you exist. It seems to be the right time for you to go forth and speak words of wisdom in a world that has lost the meaning of love and understanding. You are a special person in this world. God knew what he was doing when he placed you here on earth. I will never again in my life meet such an individual as yourself. There are great people and there are great people, but you are the greatest person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I can tell you that my spouse and children feel the same way. We will keep coming and writing until the day comes when you will be too busy to see us. When that time comes, and it will, we will have the wonderful memories of the old time Christmases we spent together in your front yard. Even with all the people, you knew how to made us feel special. We will cherish the Christmases we have left with you. 

May god bless you, 

The Thomas Family

PS My wife says she is not sure that God has not blessed you already. God has sure blessed us with you. 


Dear Santa, 

Will you love me after Christmas?


Dear M.C.

Yes, I will love you after Christmas and all year long and even then some.

I will always love you, Santa